ttmtax was initiated to help internationals to navigate through the Dutch tax system. We provide professional, time- and cost efficient services.

ttmtax is founded by 2 tax advisors who worked as international tax consultants with Deloitte and EY and have more than 20 years of experience in the field of international tax law, with the specialisation of taxation of expatriates.

ttmtax consists of a team of highly motivated tax consultants with an excellent and profound knowledge of Dutch personal income tax. We constantly invest in the knowledge of our team via in house and external education. As a result, our team is fully up to speed to all the latest Dutch rules and regulations with respect Dutch personal income tax affairs.

Beside tax solutions ttmtax also helps clients to improve their performance and tackle their challenges in strategy, operations and organization. We are specialized in project management related to innovation, business model design and strategy development.

ttmtax is officially certified as a tax consultancy firm by the Dutch tax authorities (BECON-number) and can file request for extension /preliminary assessments / allowances without the use of your DIGID-code.

What can you expect?

ttmtax provides professional, time and cost efficient way of settling your Dutch taxes. We are a full service tax firm that combines a high service and knowledge level with competitive rates.

ttmtax is the trusted advisor for all your Dutch tax affairs, social security issues and financial questions. Our services can chosen separately or in a package deal. Our rates are fixed and transparent, so no hidden costs or unexpected surprises.

ttmtax understands that you have a busy live and do not have time to come to our offices. We believe that with the latest technologies this is not necessary. You can contact us via telephone, e-mail, chat and via skype, however are always welcome at our office.

What happens when you register in our online tax portal?

1. After registering you have acces to your own secure online tax portal where you can handle all your tax affairs. Choose your service and provide the requested information via the online tax questionnaire  and upload your documents;

2. After you submitted your information and paid the fees, we will review the information provided. In case something is missing we will inform you via email what information is missing. If all the relevant information is present, we start with the preparation of your Dutch tax return and inform you via e-mail that a copy of the tax return is uploaded in your tax portal ready for approval;

3. After online approval, the tax return will be immediately filed with the Dutch tax authorities. 



What happens when you schedule a  (video) conference with ttmtax?

  1. You pick a time and date and schedule an appointment;
  2. You receive a confirmation e-mail with our skype address;
  3. You prepare the tax questionnaire in the online tax portal before or after the meeting;
  4. Video conference with the tax consultant of ttmtax;
  5. The tax consultant of ttmtax prepares the Dutch tax return, uploads a copy of the tax return in your tax portal for approval and after approval the tax return is filed with the Dutch tax authorities (electronically). 

Upon request an appointment is also possible in the evenings and during the weekend!


What happens when you like to schedule a face to face appointment with ttmtax?

In principle we only schedule appointments via (video) conference. Only upon request we can schedule an appointment at our offices. Please note that an additional fee of EUR 150 will apply.

  1. You pick a time and date and schedule an appointment;
  2. You receive a confirmation e-mail with a secure link to our online checklist with the information required to prepare the tax return;
  3. You gather all the information & complete our checklist prior to the meeting;
  4. During the meeting the tax consultant of ttmtax prepares your Dutch tax return (s) and files the return with the Dutch tax authorities (electronically). You receive a copy for your own administration.


What can you expect after ttmtax filed your tax return with the Dutch tax authorities?

  1. In case you filed your tax return before the filing deadline of the specific year you will receive your preliminary Dutch income tax assessment within 4 months after filing. For the 2017 Dutch tax return the deadline is May 1, 2018.
  2. In case you filed your tax return after the filing deadline of the specific year, it can take 6 to 36 months before the Dutch tax authorities will impose an tax assessment for that specific year. As a result it can be worthwhile filing your tax return before the filing deadline.
  3. You will receive the preliminary or final tax assessment from the Dutch tax authorities in a blue envelope. The assessment will indicate the amount receivable and payable.
  4. Please contact ttmtax in case the amount is not in line with the tax return filed. In case you opted for our "Blue 1st Aid" you can send all the correspondence you receive from the Dutch tax authorities, we will translate the correspondence and explain which action has to be taken.