Frequently asked questions


1. Tax return related questions

  1. What is a fiscal partner?

    A fiscal partner is the person you are married to, or the person with whom you live together (several conditions apply). Fiscal partners can opt to file a joint tax return, which can be more beneficial, easier and less expensive.


  2. tax return process

    What can you expect after ttmtax filed your tax return with the Dutch tax authorities?

    1. In case you filed your tax return before the filing deadline of the specific year you will receive your preliminary Dutch income tax assessment within 4 months after filing. For the 2014 Dutch tax return the deadline is May 1, 2015.
    2. In case you filed your tax return after the filing deadline of the specific year, it can take 6 to 36 months before the Dutch tax authorities will impose an tax assessment for that specific year. As a result it can be worthwhile filing your tax return before the filing deadline.
    3. You will receive the preliminary or final tax assessment from the Dutch tax authorities in a blue envelope. The assessment will indicate the amount receivable and payable.
    4. Please contact ttmtax in case the amount is not in line with the tax return filed. In case you opted for our “Blue 1st Aid” you can send all the correspondence you receive from the Dutch tax authorities, we will translate the correspondence and explain which action has to be taken.
  3. Who will assist me with my Dutch tax return and/or the other tax services?

    ttmtax is a team of highly motivated tax professionals with an excellent and profound knowledge of Dutch tax law. We constantly invest in the knowledge of our team via in house and external education. As a result, our team is fully up to date with all the latest Dutch rules and regulations especially regarding Dutch personal income tax affairs. Please see more about us.

  4. Which information do you need to fill out my Dutch personal income tax return?

    In order to prepare your Dutch tax return fast and efficient, we kindly request you to read the checklist carefully and provide us with all the information requested. Click here for the checklist. Please note that we will prepare the Dutch tax return based in the information provided. We refer to our terms and conditions.

  5. Do you need the username and password of my DigiD?

    No, we do not. ttmtax is registered as a certified tax advisor with the Dutch tax authorities as a certified tax advisor. We use special software designed for professionals that allow us to submit your Dutch income tax return without using your DigiD.

  6. Do I get a copy of my Dutch tax return?

    Yes, of course. You will receive a digital copy of your Dutch income tax return before filing your Dutch income tax return with the Dutch tax authorities.

2. Rates & Payment

  1. What are your rates?

    Our rates are fixed and transparent, you can find our services and rates here.

  2. How can I pay the fees?

    ttmtax offers several options to pay. We offer payment via IDEAL and of course it is also possible to pay via normal bank transfer.

  3. Will the rate change in case my Dutch income tax return turns out to be more complex?

    No. We have fixed and transparent rates. It is on our account if we spend extra time due to the complexity of your Dutch income tax return. Please note that this not apply in case a client does not provide us with the requested information as mentioned in our checklist.

  4. Multiple tax returns

    In case you have to file a Dutch tax return for multiple years we offer a discount of 10% per additional tax year.  


  5. Loyalty discount

    In case you filed your Dutch tax return or your request for a preliminary tax request via ttmtax prior to this time, we will offer you a loyalty discount of 10%.   

3. Our services

  1. Can you also help me dealing with questions or an audit by the Dutch tax authorities?

    Yes of course, please check our rates  for the prices and/or contact us via e-mail

  2. What kind of service is Blue 1st aid?

    With Blue 1st aid you can send all the letters you receive from the Dutch tax authorities during the year to our office and we will translate, explain and inform you what action has to be taken, including contact with the Dutch tax authorities. Please note that this service does not include appeal against tax assessments.

  3. Can you also help me with checking the Dutch tax assessments I receive from the Dutch tax authorities?

    Yes, please check our tax services menu and our rates or contact us via e-mail

  4. What kind of tax services does TTM Tax provide?

    We can assist you with several types of tax services. Please check our menu of tax services.

  5. Can you also assist me with the application of the 30%-ruling?

    Yes we can, please check our tax services and/or contact us via e-mail

  6. Can you also help me with setting up a Dutch payroll?

    Yes, please check our tax services menu and/or contact us via e-mail

4. Appointment

  1. Can I also schedule an appointment at your offices?

    Our services are provided via video conference, telephone and e-mail. However, upon request we can also schedule an appointment on location.

  2. How can I schedule an appointment with TTM TAX?

    Please click here. This link will guide you directly to our calendar, where you can select a convenient time and date.

  3. Can I reschedule or cancel my appointment with TTM Tax?

    Yes, of course that’s possible. We like to ask you to change or cancel at least 1 day prior to your appointment. Please click on the link in the confirmation e-mail or call us at +31 20-2051109.

  4. What happens if I have to reschedule my appointment?

    No problem. We do like to ask you to inform us 1 day in advance if possible. Please call us at +31 20-2051109 to cancel and schedule a new appointment online.

  5. What happens if I forget to gather the required information before the appointment?

    In that case, we may not be able to finalize your Dutch income tax return immediately. However do not worry, we can handle the tax return digitally (online) and process your tax return without additional charges.